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Bespoke furniture upcycling & restoration services in Norfolk

We can give your old furniture a brand new lease of life. Contact us for a quote.

Furniture Restoration

We work on a wide range of real wood furniture. By mixing vintage with new age, we create and restore beautiful pieces of furniture by retaining character, texture and age with a contemporary twist, using expert paint techniques and applying skills and knowledge we have learned over a number of years, we are able to mix old with new and recycle vintage furniture by giving them a new lease of life but retaining their charm.


Furniture Upcycling

Every piece we design and create is bespoke, we hand mix our colours and with over 10 years combined experience, we skilfully design and up-cycle furniture to create something unique, contemporary and individual.

Furniture Upholstering

Whether it's one chair or a full set, fall back in love with your dining room chairs for a fraction of the cost with new fabric. We source durable and beautiful fabrics to bring any piece back to life.


Bespoke Furniture Designs

We source stunning wallpapers, moldings, transfers and rice paper templates to give furniture a unique twist with decoupage or moldings. We also use many different styles of stencil to recreate individual pieces and have a number of leafing options and colors, including 9ct gold, rose gold and silver leaf.

Furniture Sourcing

We always have a wide variety of stock available ready to be up-cycled, or we have the ability to source individual pieces. This means a blank canvas! Whether it is a storage option or a bespoke centrepiece, we can design any piece to suit your personal taste.


Commission Orders

Enabling us to design and restore your old furniture.

Waxing & Glazing

We use multiple shades of wax and glaze to recreate that sought-after vintage feel, and enhance the furniture's natural wood features.