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Made with love for the home ❤️

Bespoke furniture specialists in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.


At K&M Furniture Design, every piece has been made with love.

We work on a wide range of real wood furniture. By mixing vintage with new age, we create and restore beautiful pieces of furniture by retaining character, texture and age with a contemporary twist, using expert paint techniques and applying skills and knowledge we have learned over a number of years, we are able to mix old with new and recycle vintage furniture by giving them a new lease of life but retaining their charm.

Every piece we design and create is bespoke, we hand mix our colours and with over 10 years combined experience, we skilfully design and up-cycle furniture to create something unique, contemporary and individual.
Why buy new when we can recycle and create something completely unique?

Our passion lies with interiors, furniture and textiles! With an artistic background, proudly holding a degree in art and design, therefore always having the need to be creative! After the birth of my firstborn, myself and my friend began titivating with smaller pieces at home, that's when our flair and love for furniture design developed. Combined with a number of years of learning, hard work, perfecting and creating - K&M Furniture Design was born!


The most important aspect for us is being unique. We try to keep updated with new designs and techniques and if you are looking to update one item or a whole house full, we can create a bespoke look that matches your individuality.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words, so look at our Showcase gallery for inspiration and style of work we produce.

Please feel free to drop us a message to discuss any designs further or to ask for a no obligation quotation.